Go Sport-It Leggings Review

I received a pair of Go Sport-It Capri Leggings to try and I’m happy to say, I love ’em! The fit, for me is perfect and I’m a big fan of the wide flat waistband. Super comfy! The company also carries a full length tight which I’m looking forward to trying.

Right now, they only come in black – I’m hoping that the company with expand their color offerings.

Here’s some additional info from their website:

Grab your things and look great while working out!


Are you looking for the perfect solution to the challenge of ‘where to put your stuff’ while working out? Look no further!  The solution is here and it is flattering and effective!


1. Unique Design – Offers a wide, flattering waistband that trims your waist and makes muffin-top disappear!

2. Integrated Runners Belt – 2 SLITS are located on the inside front of the waistband for unlimited pocket space.

3. Highest quality fabric –  Interlock seams reduce irritation. Edges lay flat to eliminate chafing

4. Internal pocket (that is the waistband) – Used to safely store your phone, cash, keys.

5. 80% nylon and 20% spandex – Easy to care for, hold their stretch, and look great.

6. Hold in the jiggles – Medium stretch allows you to move and stretch in style.

7. Sport-it reputation – We offer many fitness products, tons of satisfied customers, and great support.

8. Offers –  Discounts, contests, exercise guides and fun contests! Join the ‘Go Sport-it’ club!

9. Risk free – Refunds/ exchanges available- no questions asked!


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Go Sport-It Pilates Ring

The nice folks over at Go Sport-It sent me one of their Pilates Rings (aka Magic Circles) to test out. I’ve tried several of these in the past, from various manufacturers, and I’m happy to report that this one is very well made and is the perfect size. They send a workout guide along as well, although it is somewhat lacking. A quick Google search will provide you with plenty of ideas for exercises though. As far as the product itself goes, this one is an A+. And at only $24.99 on Amazon, it’s a great deal.

Joseph Pilates invented the Magic Circle back in the 1920s to help people feel their muscles more deeply, and to engage the Powerhouse more completely. These rings provide light resistance and and add versatility to your workouts. I think these make a great to tool to keep at home workouts interesting and effective.

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Diets Don’t Work. Lifestyle Changes Do!


I’m starting to get really tired seeing stories of this trendy wonder diets and that fad miracle diet… It’s the same thing and happens at the same time every year with New Year Resolutions etc. (which is another totally bullsh*t concept in my book – I can never understand why people think they have to wait till a new year to make positive changes in their life?) When are people going to learn that “Diets Don’t Work” and that “Lifetstyle Changes”… DO!

The simple fact that diets (especially these fad diets) aren’t sustainable makes them a total waste of your time. Spend that time educating/learning how to eat properly (and healthier) and you will see amazing and (key word) “lasting” results!

Also get moving and more active….Daily exercise is a key component, although exercise alone won’t cut it. Don’t be fooled, you can’t exercise off a bad diet…! You really need these “two powerful” components (Diet & Exercise) working together!

So no matter what time of year it is, how old you are, how over-weight or out of shape you are.. Simply COMMIT and change your life. Commit to a truly healthy diet (educate yourself). Commit to daily exercise. Commit to a healthier, happier and more active you.

Trust me the rewards and benefits of living a healthier lifestyle will be great and well worth your efforts…. Make living a healthier lifestyle as routine as brushing your teeth every morning. Live it, work for it….don’t just wish for it.

Eat Healthy and Thrive – http://www.eathealthyandthrive.com

The Fitness Underground Los Angeles & South Bay – http://www.thefitnessunderground.com


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Mandala Massage Ball Review


I had a chance to try out the Mandala Massage Ball recently. The nice folks over there sent me a sample to  try out. And I am really glad they did. They are the perfect tool to help you rehab  any sports injuries, loosen up tense muscles and work out trigger points. There are lots of similar products on the market, but I think these are a great value.

Here’s what the company has to say:

Product Description:

If you are looking to relieve tension and stress at home, Mandala Massage Balls can help. Through self-myofascial release, Mandala Massage Balls target key “trigger points” of tension and stress throughout the body. Using ones own body on the “sweet spots” for 2-3 minutes can quickly and effectively reduce built up stress. They are an excellent addition to any yoga practice, for prenatal massage, as well as crossfit programs. Made of solid rubber, they will not collapse or pop like tennis balls. They are easy to clean, just use a little soap and water.


The Fitness Underground








I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Train Your Lungs


Strong legs on the bike won’t mean much if you’re gasping for a breath. “Your respiratory muscles are in constant use during cycling,” say exercise physiologist Budd Coates, co-author of “Running on Air.” If they fatigue.. guess what, so do… you!

Research shows that strengthening your “diaphragm and intercostal muscles” (the muscles that hold your ribs together) can greatly improve endurance. And a study published in Journal of Applied Physiology reported that such training may also reduce inflammation and help speed up recovery.

But “if you don’t exhale completely and forcefully” say Coates, you can’t inhale completely.

* This exercise confines your inhales and exhales, forcing the respiratory muscles to work harder. In time you’ll be taking deeper breaths and giving your body what it needs.

> Breathing exercise: Ride easy for 20 minutes to warm up, increase the intensity until you start to breathe a little harder. Close you mouth and breathe through your nose for one minute, then open you mouth and breathe for one minute. Repeat 10 to 20 times in a row.

* (If you find yourself feeling dizzy… stop and breath normal.)   __________________________________________________


The Fitness Underground LA/South Bay- www.thefitnessunderground.com

Eat Healthy and Thrive www.eathealthyandthrive.com

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My Morning Enlightenment: Nov. 26th 2013

It’s was awesome meeting Charles this afternoon and I’m looking forward to getting to know him better.


Today I rode out to the time trial loop to get in a quick, high intensity 25 mile workout since I was short on time. As I approached the east to west turn I saw this homeless man camped out as he always is on the grass strip. I’ve seen him a million times but never thought to stop and say hello or offer him anything that I had with me to help him out a bit.

Early this morning I read a very cool story that my friend posted about this war-photographer friend of his. The story was kinda the same as the one I’m telling.. We both saw a homeless man camped out in the same spot day after day and one day, decided to talk to them. In the photographer’s story while talking to the homeless man, he found out that he was at one time a war photographer as well, working for Getty images in the Balkans. The man didn’t really go into how he wound up homeless, but did mention that everyone in his life died off in a matter of a few years. (His wife of 12 years to cancer I think, all his friends etc.) It was an interesting and thought provoking story.

After I read that photographer’s story this morning, it got me thinking a little differently about how I looked at some things, (plus, earlier I had been thinking about the up coming Thanksgiving holiday and how grateful I am for all that I have).

So on my last lap and got off my bike and walked over to the homeless man’s camp site. I said, “Hi.. my name is Markus.. I’m out here all time going around in circles” and handed him the $10 bill I always have stashed in a water bottle with my tube and tire irons. I told him to have a nice holiday meal and that the next time I head out that way that I would bring him some more useful stuff to help make life a bit easier.

The homeless man said, “I’m Charles, thanks a lot, I really appreciate that. I watch you guys riding wearing all your fancy uniforms all the time!” Then Charles started asking me about my tri bike which I must admit made me feel guilty that I was riding this $3,000 Cervelo and he was sleeping outside on a grass strip at night. To be honest I’m kind of still processing that.

My Morning Enlightenment:

Like most people, I think, (I’m being totally honest here) when I see a homeless person I don’t often go out of my way to make eye contact with them or to say a simple hello and smile. We almost treat them like Lepers for some reason. (I understand many homeless people unfortunately suffer with mental illness, but a lot of them are just everyday people that just had a few bad breaks, it’s easy to quickly see the difference I think. It took no time to realize that Charles was intelligent, he spoke well, had a good sense of humor, was organized and had a beautiful electric warm smile.)

I feel I learned a valuable life lesson today and for that I am grateful.


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Torch Major Calories With This Basic Tabata Protocol Workout

Torch Major Calories With This Basic Tabata Protocol Workout

Untitled-1TWTwet_ppggggIf you haven’t heard talk of Tabata training, you will soon, and with good reason—who doesn’t want to boost their fitness in four short minutes?! What began as a high-intensity interval training protocol performed on a cycling ergometer by Japanese Olympic speed skaters has since morphed into Tabata-inspired workouts that feature strength-training exercises and plyometric moves. These highly effective routines use the same format of eight cycles of 20-seconds of work followed by 10-seconds of rest. To determine the benefits of this intense type of training, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) enlisted the research team at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse to create and examine the true calorie-burning potential of a 20-minute Tabata-inspired total-body workout.

Led by John Pocari, PhD and Talisa Emberts, MS, the research team recruited 16 moderately fit to very fit men and women ages 20 to 47 to participate in the study. Each subject completed a total of two 20-minute Tabata-style workouts. The complete workout consisted of a five-minute dynamic warm-up, followed by four rounds of Tabata (eight cycles of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest) with one-minute of rest in between each round, and concluded with a 10-minute cool-down. During the 20 seconds of intense work, subjects performed as many repetitions of each exercise as possible, all of which were movements they had practiced beforehand and demonstrated proficiency in.

Measuring heart rate, blood lactate, and rating of perceived exertion (RPE), the researchers found that during the Tabata-workout subjects averaged 86 percent of HRmax and 74 percent of VO2max, both of which meet or exceed industry guidelines for improving cardio fitness and body composition. On average, subjects perceived the workout to be challenging with an average RPE of 15.4—rated as ‘hard’ on the 6-20 Borg Scale—which would seem to make sense considering that participants burned between 240 and 360 calories. With an average of 15 calories torched per minute, the findings of this study support that full body Tabata-style workouts can prove powerful in terms of enhancing health and facilitating weight loss.

This time-efficient approach to exercise is all about intensity, so while four minutes of hard work can certainly enhance health and fitness, the complete 20-minute total-body workout experience can elicit even better results while still easily fitting into a busy schedule. Stay safe by heeding Emberts’ recommendation of performing Tabata-style workouts two to three times a week, allowing at least 48 to 72 hours rest between each workout since you’ll be working every major muscle group during each session.

Ready to give it a try? Check out the 20-minute workout protocol from the ACE Tabata study below in which a set of each exercise is defined as 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Be sure to allow for one full minute of rest following each of the four rounds and be ready to break a serious sweat!

Round 1 (4 minutes) 2 sets of high knees 2 sets of plank punches 2 sets of jumping jacks 2 sets of side skaters

Round 2 (4 minutes) 2 sets of jump rope 2 sets of high/low boat 2 sets of line jumps 2 sets of push-ups

Round 3 (4 minutes) 2 sets of burpees 2 sets of Russian twists 2 sets of squats 2 sets of lunges

Round 4 (4 minutes) 2 sets of mountain climbers 2 sets of push-ups 2 sets of split squats 2 sets of box jumps

* Keep in mind that there are various variations of the Tabata Protocol workout. For the most part rounds remain the same, however exercise and rest times may vary a bit, as well as exercise movements. (I personally like the 30 second of exercise with a 10-15 second rest period) If you are looking for a highly effective- ass kicking workout (and don’t have a lot of time) introduce the Tabata Protocol training method into your training routine.


“Good Health is a choice you can make today!

The Fitness Underground Los Angeles & South Bay


Eat Healthy And Thrive


Have a question? Ask a Health & Fitness Professional Here:


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