Don’t be Fooled….

I was watching GMA this morning – they had a segment called “Fat and Fabulous” which piqued my interest…The story featured two women in their late 20’s, one weighing over 200lbs, the other over 300lbs. Both women part of a growing  movement in the US, of obese women claiming to be happy with their weight. I applaud them for shunning the fad diets and feeling good about themselves; however, there’s a bigger issue here….their health. Obesity related health problems are well researched and well known….ask any doctor. Ask me…I watched my mother die as a direct result. The claim that you can be obese and healthy is not only incorrect, it’s extremely dangerous advice to be doling out to a nation that is already tipping the scale and suffering the consequences.

Here’s what I posted as a comment on their website:

As a personal trainer, I find this attitude to be extremely irresponsible. I agree that yo-yo diets are damaging both physically and emotionally – diets clearly do not work. What does work is making healthy lifestyle choices that include healthy nutrition and daily exercise. I could care less if my clients get 6 pack abs – what I DO care about is that they take the necessary steps toward a healthy life. Sweat now in the gym or sweat later in the doctors office…it’s just that simple. Sure, the women in this report may not have any health problems – YET…what about 10 years down the line? If they’re still weighing in at over 200lbs, you can pretty much guarantee some serious health problems. Still fabuous when you have heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and damaged joints?
I’m not saying “don’t feel good about about yourself if you’re overweight”  – what I am saying is that if you TRULY feel good about yourself, love your body and respect who you are, then you should be honoring that by doing everything you can to healthy and physically fit. Again – it’s not about looking like  a super-model. It’s about being healthy…having a long life….having the energy to play with your children….living long enough to see your grand-children.
If you feel great about yourself now, just imagine how much better you can feel when you can walk up the stairs without gasping for air.

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