Take Advantage Of What A Personal Fitness Trainer Can Offer

Every day brings us another grand opportunity to make positive and beneficial changes in our lives, especially when it comes to improving ones health and fitness. Unfortunately, so many people discard the chance to make important lifestyle adjustments; they turn a blind eye and ignore the fact that these life altering and life saving changes are needed. It’s rather disturbing that so many people take their health for granted, they aren’t concerned until a serious problem arises, sad in some cases it might be too late. These people are basically gambling with their life.

As a Health and Fitness Professional, I am always amazed at how many people will make countless excuses throughout the year not to workout, watch their weight, clean up their poor diet, control over-eating, drink in excess and not be accountable for their poor health and fitness lifestyle.

As with every approaching New Year, I start hearing the buzz of the classic New Year’s Resolutions. As a seasoned Personal Trainer, year after year I see countless people flood the gym in January with good intentions, but sadly by the end of February more than 80% of them are gone. Unfortunately in many cases, never to be seen again.

Ever year, I get so excited when I see people deciding to make an effort to better their lives by improving their health. Good fitness has changed my life and I have experienced the wonderful and countless benefits that good fitness brings.

I got into the health and fitness profession because I am so passionate about helping people transform their lives and improve their health. I wanted people to take stock in my power message of good health, clean living and the importance of daily exercise. I want people to know, to believe they can turn things around and live a healthier, happier and fuller life.

It’s so heart breaking for me to see people lose focus, lose their motivation and give up their fitness goals so quickly after a few short weeks, especially before they get a chance to experience the benefits waiting for them as they turn the corner. I give these people making fitness resolutions credit, especially since they are on a much better or should I say healthier path than the people that would rather ignore their poor health, increasing weight issues etc. The one’s who try are somewhat enlightened because they recognize that changes in their current lifestyle are needed; that’s a huge step in moving in a healthier direction. One must remember though, that making a fitnessresolution is easy, keeping it is the hard part. It’s like the classic smokers joke, “yea I quit smoking… several times”. Really, it’s nothing to be joking about.

It’s my strong belief that the most significant problem with people not being able to stick with their new workout resolution is that most people simply don’t know how to properly workout. It’s really no fault to them, since it is a very specialized and involved process and if you don’t have being an elite athlete in your background or you haven’t devoted years to research, study and personal training, how would you know? How would you have any idea how to properly workout (effectively, efficiently and safely)? I’ve devoted years to become a qualified health and fitness professional; I’ve attended schools, completed numerous workshops and have being an elite athlete in my background and I still find myself learning on the job and through continuing my formal education.

So with this said, why not use your time wisely and more efficiently and work with a personal trainer? Or at least start out with one! Working with a qualified personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, safest and the most successful ways to improve your health while reaching your fitness goals. A personal trainer is way more affordable than you may think. People of all ages, fitness levels and economic standings are taking advantage of the guidance of a personal trainer to achieve the results they couldn’t accomplish on their own. You really can’t afford not to when you really think about it. Think of it as an investment in you, one that will pay amazing dividends no matter what the state of the economy is.

For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to work out with a personal trainer, you might not realize all they can do for you and what your workout experience is missing. The following are some major benefits of hiring a personal trainer;

A personal trainer will design a specific, safe and effective program, which is tailor-made to fit your fitness needs and goals. You will obtain maximum results in minimum time under the guidance of a qualified personal trainer.

A personal trainer will help unlock your potential you didn’t know you had and skillfully guide you to new fitness heights that you never thought possible. They will educate you and help you develop a healthier lifestyle that places a high priority on clean living, making healthy choices and the importance of daily exercise and a well balanced diet.

A personal trainer will provide you with invaluable motivation, encouragement, support and help you face your challenges with exercise head on. They will help you set realistic goals, determine safe strategies and use your strengths to help improve your weaknesses.

A trainer will help you develop new skills, as they teach you proper exercise techniques, appropriate form and how to use equipment properly.

A personal trainer will keep you moving in the right direction, constantly monitor your progress and make adjustments when necessary so you don’t run the risk of hitting a fitness plateau, set-backs or injury.

These days time is money and with time being so valuable, why waste it struggling blindly on your own, when you have such an excellent resource as a qualified personal trainer available to you? Spend less time in the gym, obtain real results faster, workout smarter, workout safer, workout more effectively and efficiently.

Start really enjoying your workout experience for the first time!

Duty now for a healthier future….



There are a million (so-called) Personal Trainers out there and unfortunately a lot of really bad ones with the potential of doing more harm than good.

Some quick tips on finding the right personal Fitness Trainer:

Check out the trainers website, if they don’t have one, this should be a red flag. If they do, read the text carefully and get a feel for what they stand for, their training methods, programs, experience etc. The site should have some substance, not just a picture of the trainer lifting up his shirt showing you his/her’s six -pack abs.

Find a trainer who believes in “Natural Training”. No drugs or “over the top or out of the ordinary” supplements.

Have a meet and greet; if you not feeling some kind of chemistry, a real connection right off the bat, this may not be the trainer for you.

A certification is important, but in many cases real-life,professional working experience is equally important and often overlooked. A certified, but “green” trainer is not always a wise pick.

Look for a trainer that can offer a diverse program. A trainer that can mix your workout up, this will assure you will not get bored, that you stay engaged and looking forward to your next workout.

Pick a trainer that is willing to openly share client testimonials with you.


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