Visualization and the Power of Positive Thinking

By definition, Visualization refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world via changing one’s thoughts. Visualization is a technique of using your imagination or thoughts to visualize specific behaviors or events occurring in one’s life. The concept of visualization is thought to have surfaced in the United States in the 19th century’s “New Thought Movement,” which can be considered a spiritual movement (not to be confused with a religious movement) that stressed beliefs in the metaphysical world. This group promoted the ideas and concepts of positive thinking, the law of attraction, life forces, personal power, meditation and visualization.

Note, there is a difference between visualization and daydreaming. Visualization is done in the present tense, where as daydreaming is done in the future tense. Visualization techniques are practiced by a wide range of people, for a variety of reasons. Buddhists use visualization as a way of achieving enlightenment, elite athletes use it to improve sports performance and everyday people can use the power of visualization to create or obtain want they want in life (the law of attraction) and the power of positive thinking.

I’ve discussed the subject of visualization in depth with many high level competitive athletes and a friend of mine who is an Olympic athlete really helped open my mind to its incredible power. I’ve applied the techniques throughout my amateur and professional sports career with great success. Visualization could very well be called a form of meditation. Visualization can just as easily be applied to everyday life, not just the sports arena.

As an athlete will start thinking about a race, game or match weeks ahead of time, a businessman can use the same techniques the athlete uses to prepare for a business presentation or meeting. Let’s use a golfer for example. As the golfer prepares for a big tournament he (or she) will start visualizing about every aspect of the event. They will spend hours thinking (almost meditating) about each hole and how they are going to play it. They visualize standing at each tee box, fairway or green. They will play the course continuously in their head. In their mind they will think about which clubs they will use, they will smell the grass, feel the wind on their skin, hear the crowd cheering. They will use their imagination to envision sinking the winning putt, holding up the trophy etc. They have played the event over and over in their head, down to the smallest detail, so when it comes to the actual day of the event they are more relaxed, have nerves under control and can clearly focus on their game plan. To the golfer, it’s seems like they’ve been there and done it all before because they have been visualizing.

The power of positive thinking is pretty intense. I think at times the concept seems rather cosmic, strange or weird to most people, but there has been so much documentation on the subject, that one cannot dispute the concept. According to the Law of Attraction, thoughts have energy and this energy attracts like energy. The practice suggests for you to observe four things: Know what you want, Ask the Universe for it, Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on it’s way, Be open to receiving it. Thinking about what you don’t have manifests itself in not having, while if one applies positive thinking through visualization, by avoiding negative thinking, the Universe will manifest the person’s desire. Positive thoughts attract positive things. Creative visualization and positive thinking has the power to alter our environment, our circumstances and cause events to actually happen. It can attract money, love, success and improve health and well being. It’s not voodoo or magic; simply put, it’s the natural process of the power of thought. Whether done consciously or unconsciously, most truly successful people have used visualization to reach their highest goals. Approach and handle daily situations positively and positive effects will be the result. By changing our thoughts, we change our reality. Trust that if you utilize the power of visualization, even if you don’t quite believe it and totally accept it, understanding and accepting it even in just theory will help you achieve.

The power of visualization is limitless, anything is possible. The secret is no secret. All you have to do is apply it and put it into motion.


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