Women’s Poll – Reasons Why They Workout

Sometimes going to the gym or doing a home workout every day—or even a few times a week—is a lot easier said than done. We all need a little push to get our butts in gear from time to time. Funny thing is, 97% of the time after the workout we are feeling so good, we are really glad we did.

Women’s Health magazine recently completed an interesting survey, they polled women across the country and asked them what their reason was… to hit the gym or do a home workout? Here’s the top eight…

1. To Battle Depression- I became practically addicted to the gym when my husband was deployed to Iraq. I was sinking further into depression and imagined my hubby being disappointed by what he would come home to. By the time he came home on leave I had gained about 5 pounds of muscle and lost a few inches of fat.

While everyone was telling me I needed to take anti-depressants, I knew there was a healthier way to keep myself sane. Now I have to exercise or I know I’ll sit around the house alone, feeling sorry for myself and being miserable. All it takes is an hour at the gym.

2. To Feel Sexy – I started pole dancing to escape conventional forms of exercise. Not only did it make me feel sexier, but my entire body firmed up after a few weeks! Try doing it in 6-inch heels like the pros—that’ll really get your workout going, it’s also inspired me to get a personal trainer and bring my fitness level to a new high, that I never thought possible.

3. To Stay Healthy- I work out to keep my glucose levels down without medication!

4. For The Kids- The main reason I work out is for my daughter. I lost my mom five years ago, and my dad 10 years ago. I’m an only child, and so is my daughter. I do not want her to be without a mom, so that makes it more of a priority to take care of myself.

5. To Achieve New Goals- I work out because I discover something new about myself each week. Sure, I want to get a flat stomach and look toned, but now that’s really more a happy byproduct. It’s being able to finally touch my toes in yoga, that extra gear in spin class, putting that extra 10 pounds on the weight machines, or putting in the extra mile (literally!) when I run.

6. To Feel Happier-For endorphins!- I’m a kinesiology major, and 90 percent of my college education is dedicated to the physiological benefits of exercise. Being in class and not being an avid exerciser was almost hypocritical. So, with that motivation, I started going to my campus gym and found myself feeling better about myself.

7. To Build Stamina- I love the great outdoors. However, as I entered middle age, I noticed that after a great weekend of hiking and climbing, it took more than a week to recover from the achiness that kicked in on Monday.

Also, I’ve had several spine surgeries, the pain from which was becoming nearly debilitating. So I began working out throughout the week, starting with only a few minutes at first, and building up to my current “power hour” of [cardio]. Now not only do I not need meds for spine pain, but I have much more energy to hike all day long without suffering any [pain later].

8. To Have Your Cake (and Eat It Too!)- I eat healthily, but rarely deny myself the cake and cookies that are all too often up for grabs in the kitchen at work. With my genes already working against me—diabetes and obesity on my maternal side and heart disease on my paternal side—I work out to ensure my life is long and healthy as well as [to look good].

So I’m wondering, what’s your excuse for not working out…?? Today there are so many wonderful workout options available to us, from personal training sessions, to yoga instruction, spinning classes, kickboxing, tennis, swimming, fitness boot camps etc. Boredom certainly isn’t a viable excuse any more. Start moving in a healthier direction today. Experience just how good, good should feel. Why not?


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