Whether you are trying to kick start a new fitness program or supplement your current one, The Fitness Underground’s 30 Second Interval TV Workout is something for you to try.

Maximize your time, burn extra calories, build strength and relieve tension and stress all from the comfort of your family room, living room, bedroom or even your hotel room.

I hear too often the lame excuse, “I don’t have time to workout”. Well if you have time to watch a one-hour television program, you indeed have time to get a quality and beneficial workout.

First, change into some comfortable clothing, grab a towel, a glass of water, a pair of hand weights (dumbbells) or resistance band and even your mate (the family that exercises together, stays together). Now pick a one-hour television program and let’s start moving in a healthier direction.

Here’s how it works, during every commercial break we are going to complete three 30-second exercise intervals. OK, I don’t want to hear the wise guy comment, “I have Tivo or a DVR and fast forward through the commercials,” well in that case put the remote down and let’s get serious.

Since the average TV commercial is between 30 and 60 seconds. The average show will have approx 10-15 commercial breaks between the start and the end of a show, there could be as many as 5-8 commercials per break so this will give us plenty of time to complete our three exercise cycles and leave us enough time to get back to the comfy chair before the show starts again.

* 1st Commercial Break; During the first commercial complete 10 push-ups (within 30 seconds). At the second commercial, complete 15 basic crunches. At the third commercial, complete 10 more push-ups. (If you have trouble doing a regular push-up, try a modified push-up with your knees on the ground)

During additional commercials time, use this extra time to do some light stretching and then settle back in for the start of the show.

*  2nd Commercial Break; During this commercial break complete one round of jumping jacks- (two minutes approx. 4 commercials) This should get your heart pumping. Catch your breath and it’s back to the show. If you find this difficult, stick with it, it will become easier. Try not to stop. If you find it easy increase the time or pace.

*  3rd Commercial Break: During the first commercial grab your hand weights or resistance band and let’s rock 15-20 Bicep curls. Next it’s 12-15 Over-Head Shoulder Presses. Start with the weights around your ears, push straight up into an “A” and repeat. For both exercises be mindful of your core and keep it engaged. Complete another set of Bicep curls and relax. Each exercise should take approx 30 seconds.

* 4th Commercial Break: During this commercial break it’s time for some body weight Squats. Complete as many as you can do within 30 seconds, don’t lag keep the pace fairly high. Feet are shoulder length apart, toes point straight, core is engaged and sit back like your sitting into a chair, don’t let your knees come over you toes. Rest one commercial (approx 30 seconds), then repeat – push out another strong set of Squats. You should feel the burn, stretch your legs out a bit, back to the show.

* 5th Commercial Break: During this commercial break jump an imaginary jump rope. Rotate your arms/wrists as if you had a real jump rope in hand. (if you have the space use a real jump rope) Jump for two commercials without stopping (approx 1 minute), rest for one commercial and repeat the cycle. Catch your breath and it’s back to the show.

* 6th Commercial Break: Hit the floor for some Core work. If you have a yoga or exercise mat use it, a towel will do as well. Lying on your back extend your arms over your head (if you have a hand weight, a heavy book etc use it) – feet on flat on the floor, knees bent facing the ceiling. Bring the weight over your head and come up into a crunch position touching the weight to your knees, slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position. Don’t use your arms to swing up, focusing on using just your core muscles to raise your body up. Complete one cycle (one commercial/30 seconds), rest for one commercial – repeat for another commercial. You should be doing at least 15-20 reps per set.

* 7th Commercial Break: During the first commercial break it’s back to push-ups. Complete as many as you can do, in a 30-second commercial. (complete at least 10, 25 would be awesome) Rest one commercial and repeat. 

* 8th Commercial Break: During this commercial break we are going to complete
a series of front and side lateral raises. Grab for hand weight or resistance band. We start with a basic front lateral raise for the first commercial. Start with your hands out front resting on your thighs (palms facing you), keeping your arms straight- raise your arms out and up to shoulder height parallel to the floor. Within the 30-second commercial you should complete at least 12-15 reps. Rest for one commercial (30-seconds) now place your arm to your side (palms facing in) for the Side Lateral Raise. Raise straight up til arms are parallel to the floor. Again you goal is 12-15 reps. Rest one commercial and complete one more set of Front and Side Lateral Raises with no rest in between.

 * 9th Commercial Break: Home stretch folks. We have 30-second (one commercial) worth of Front Lunges (alternate lead legs). Make sure your lead leg knee doesn’t come over your toes, keep a nice flat back and drop straight down as you lunge, not forward. Rest for the next commercial followed by another 30-second set. You should be able to do at least 15 reps per set.

* 10th and Final Commercial Break: We finish the workout with a classic yoga plank. If you find this difficult a modified plank can be used. For the first commercial we will be holding the plank position for one entire commercial (approx 30 second), Keep you core engaged and use your breath to release tension and strain. Rest one commercial and repeat twice. Hit the comfy chair, slide into chill mode and enjoy the rest of your show knowing you just did something great for you.

Great job folks, you’ve just completed the 30-Second Interval TV Workout. You will be amazed at the extra calories you burned all while watching TV.

Do The Fitness Underground’s 30-Second Interval Workout- three to four times a week and enjoy the physical and mental changes that will take place.

Cheers to moving in a healthier direction!

** If you have a problem or don’t fully understand the exercises,  please feel to drop us an email. We would be more than happy to send you a video link and some additional detailed instructions.


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