A few of my fitness clients recently asked me about the “300” Workout.  If you are not familiar with the workout, this is the training program actor Gerald Butler and other cast members used to achieve the incredible jaw dropping movie muscles the Spartans were sporting in the Hollywood smash hit movie “300”.

Please keep in mind that this is indeed a somewhat unconventional and advanced training program and you shouldn’t attempt this program unless you are already in good shape.

In addition, what they fail to mention (a very important component of this program) is that these actors were also on an extremely strict diet to drop fat fast and chisel out those magnificent warrior bodies.

The workout is pretty simple; 300 total reps from just 7 different and may I add… challenging exercises. All exercises are done without any rest between exercises, which obviously keeps the workout in high gear from start to finish. I am a big fan of keeping weight training exercise more aerobic, little to no rest between exercises is good and gives you a better calorie burn (Metabolic Training).

Blasting through the exercises also makes this a very time efficient workout. They say you should be able to complete the entire workout between 20 and 30 minutes. If you’ve seen the movie and saw the amazing shape these guys were in professionally speaking my guess is that they did a more than what they are letting on to. As a professional trainer, what I do like about this fitness program is that the exercises are good old fashioned, straight-forward, no bullsh*t exercises that don’t require a lot of fancy gym equipment.
(A lot of simple body weight movements)

The “300” Workout: Exercises

1- Pullups- 25 reps
2- Barbell Deadlifts with 135lbs- 50 reps
3- Pushups- 50 reps
4- 24-Inch Box Jumps (Plyometrics)- 50 reps
5- Floor Wipers- 50 reps
6- Single-arm Clean and Press with a 36lb Kettlebell- 50 reps
7- Pullups- 25 reps

As I mentioned earlier, this is a challenging workout program for a de-conditioned person. All is not lost my aspiring gladiators, I’ve put together a scaled down version.. let’s call it the “150” workout, a total of 150 reps – 8 different exercises. Like the “300” program, complete each exercise with no rest between movements.

The “150” Workout: Exercise

1- Pushups – 15 reps
2- Squats (holding a 15lb dumbbell to your chest)- 25 reps
3- Shoulder Press (12lb dumbbell)- 15 reps
4- Jump Squats (bodyweight)- 15 reps
5- Pushups (Chinese-close grip)- 10 reps
6- Bicycle Crunches- 25 reps
7- Step ups (12” step with a 20lb dumbbell in each hand held at your sides)-25 reps
8- Burpie into Pushup- 20 reps

Stick with this program for a few months as you increase and build a good fitness base. As with any fitness program consistency and a proper diet are key!

Supplement the “150” Workout with at least three days of moderate intensity- cardio exercise and soon you will be seeing an exciting transformation taking place.


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