Staying Young And Beautiful From the Inside Out

Don’t fool yourself thinking the “Health Tips” and the “Beauty Tips” are really two different things, because they aren’t. Globally, people spend insane amounts of money on spa treatments, wonder drugs and cosmetic procedures, trips to the hair and nail salon, purchasing expensive designer label clothing, go on fad diets, yet they often feel something is missing.

People spend endless amounts of time, money and energy to make their hair, their skin, their hands and feet look beautiful, but they are often missing out on the extremely critical role their health and wellness plays in making them look physically and mentally beautiful.

Staying young and beautiful is a process that is better accomplished when we focus on achieving it from the “inside out”. Unfortunately, many people spend way too much time on focusing on the outside and grossly neglect the inside. The following are some helpful daily tips to be mindful of to help you achieve lasting beauty while cheating the aging process from the inside out. As these become routine we will start to experience a wonderful transformation take place!
Read on and thrive…

1. A Healthy and Well Balanced Diet is Key: A healthy diet is one of the most important steps to achieving lasting and real beauty (something you can’t buy in a cream, pill or procedure). A well balanced diet should include plenty of fiber, be low in fat, and be supplemented with sufficient vegetables and fresh fruits. Besides knowing what to eat, it is extremely important to know what not to eat and be mindful of portion size, over-eating is a serious problem in America. A simple thing like “portion control” can make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy weight. Make daily healthy food choices!  Stick with foods with high nutritional value and low calories when possible. Steer clear of overly processed foods!

2. Consume Different Types Of Foods: According to Ayurveda, the Ancient Indian science of healing, rotating your food habits not only strengthens your immune system, it can also protect you from most illnesses. Try to eat vegetables and fruits of different colors each day. Bring color into your life. There is some truth to the saying, “An apple a day, Keeps the Doctor away.” It’s not a bad idea to start your day with an apple, the apple pectin cleanses the body’s digestive system by removing toxins and therefore preventing degenerative health problems such as cancer.

3. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day: Are you surprised to see how some people manage to stay so fit, energetic and active and are able to stabilize their weight while you continue to put on unwanted weight and feel exhausted all the time? Well chances are, they eat a good breakfast and you don’t!

According to many nutritional experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping your breakfast can lead to serious health problems besides adding those extra pounds as a result of binging on unhealthy snacks later in the day. Besides re-charging your energy levels, eating a healthy breakfast has several long-term benefits. A breakfast rich in fiber and wholegrain helps keep the heart healthy, especially if you suffer from metabolic disorders like fluctuating blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels. The jelly donut, cereal packed with tons of sugar or Egg McMuffins don’t count as eating a healthy breakfast people!

 A good breakfast early in the morning sets your mood right and enables you to handle stress better. So make it a point to start your day with healthy choices such as fresh fruits, fruit juices, eggs, wholegrain cereals and breads and power up for the entire day!

4. Down Lots Of Water: Drinking a minimum of 7 to 8 glasses of water everyday filters all the impurities and toxins from your body and keeping properly hydrated will promote healthy and flawless skin. In addition, the fluid in your body is responsible for the functioning of your internal organs including the metabolic processes. If you are dehydrated, this whole process gets affected and your body tends to slow down leaving you feeling lethargic with very low energy levels.

** Limit the use of plastic bottles, their not good for you or the environment!

5. Daily Exercise Is A Must: Who doesn’t want to have a tight, flat stomach with definition or reduce those awful muffin tops that are flopping out of the sides of your designer jeans?

Besides making you look sexy and feeling great, regularly exercising is also the best and most effective natural “anti-aging” formula because it helps you stay and feel young by raising your energy levels, stabilizing or reducing your body weight, enhances your flexibility, builds lean muscle, increases bone density and strengthens the heart and those are just some of the physical benefits, there are also many important mental benefits as well.

You don’t need to exercise for hours, 35-60 minutes a few times a week (if not six days a week) is really not that much to ask to greatly improve the quality of your life, not to mention extending your life. On days you can’t workout, try taking the stairs instead of elevators, choose a parking space furthest from the building, take a lunch-time walk for at least 15-35 minutes, do some pushups, crunches and some stretching.

If the gym isn’t your thing, take a yoga or kickboxing class, book some sessions with a personal trainer in a private studio and learn how to workout properly. Remember, your external fitness is only a reflection of your inner fitness and a beautiful, healthy body reflects a fit, healthy mind.

6. Stop Smoking & Ease up on that Drinking: Okay, so you’ve heard this countless times from your doctor, but here it comes again as one of our most important health tip – Quit Smoking!
While smoking may have been related to an increase in metabolism, it is certainly not a good enough reason to substitute it with the huge risk of dying from lung cancer! Smoking just flat out makes you feel and look old and ugly. Your breath stinks, your teeth are changing color and your skin is aging quickly, not to mention the very serious health issues associated with this nasty, unhealthy habit. I am shocked, how many people still smoke, it’s just insane!

***  Limit your Alcohol Consumption as well. Like smoking, drinking is another unhealthy habit with lots of negative physical and mental side-effects. (Particularly weight gain and premature aging of the skin, not to mention the damage to your internal organs).

7. Say No To Stress: We know what you’re thinking – easier said than done! Agreed, but leading a stressful life can only make matters worse. On the other hand, leading a relaxed, stress-free life will not only reduce the risks of health related disorders, it will also calm you down and let you enjoy your life more.

While planning your day, strike a balance between home and work. If you have trouble remembering things-make a list of all the “things-to-do” before going to bed each night or simply set a “reminder” in your cell phone so you don’t have to run around at the last minute. Staying positive and thinking happy thoughts is one of the most effective stress buster techniques you can easily follow in your daily life.

Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour a day doing something you love and enjoy each day. It could be a simple activity, like cuddling up in bed by yourself and watching a funny movie, enjoying a glass of your favorite wine, socializing with friends, reading, sweating it out at the gym, pampering yourself with a stress-releasing body massage, soaking in a hot tub, taking a stroll on the beach, playing with your dog, listening to your favorite music, playing your favorite sport.

8. Dental Health: Remember the phrase “million dollar smile?” Well, your teeth have a lot to do with your smile and they can make or break your looks depending on how much or how little you’ve cared for them over the years! Dental health is an important aspect of your overall heath. One of the best ways to have healthy teeth, prevent gum-related infections and protect your heart is by flossing your teeth every day. Few of us know that gum infections if left untreated can cause inflammatory reactions in the body, which can lead to stroke and heart ailments.

9. Sleep Well: A good 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a must for our body to reboot itself and feel energetic next day. Lack of sleep affects our hormone levels and slows down metabolism often resulting in weight gain. Studies have shown that deep, uninterrupted sleep helps cell growth and cell repair, which can increase the metabolism and help in burning calories. If you suffer from sleeplessness, try some of these simple remedies:
-Avoid alcohol before going to bed
-Stay away from stimulants like coffee, tea and chocolates before going to sleep
-Regularize your sleeping habit
-Keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered; Use decors and furnishing with peaceful and soothing colors
-Avoid taking longer daytime naps
-Follow relaxation techniques to reduce stress

10. Keep Your Mind  Active: Keeping your mind in “good shape” is just as vital as taking care of your physical health, so be sure to indulge your brain on a daily basis. An idle mind is not only the devil’s workshop, often the feeling of “aimlessness” or “nothingness” can cause boredom and can lead to depression and anxiety-related disorders.

One way to keep your brain engaged and busy is to constantly challenge yourself with new ideas and by learning new skills. Studies have shown than an active brain makes new connections between nerve cells that help cells communicate with one another. This allows our brain to store and access information easily, regardless of our age.

Try some of these activities to keep your mind active and free from boredom:
-Learn to play a musical instrument
-Learn a new language
-Plant a Garden
-Indulge in crossword puzzles
-Participate in discussions and forums
-Maintain a blog and update it daily
-Read books and magazines, explore new subjects
-Enjoy Art (painting, photography etc.) 
– Pursue a new hobby (wood working, jewelry making etc.)
– Engage in social networking
-Study Martial Arts or Yoga

Do your best to follow these “Health Tips” to stay physically and mentally beautiful for years to come. Respect our bodies and minds and they will serve us well.

Remember-“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away!”

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