Get Fit, Stay Well And Thrive

On my way to my 6:00am Fitness Boot Camp session, I was thinking about how many clients would show up to class after the long Thanksgiving holiday break. It made me think about “committing” to a fitness (exercise) and health (diet and lifestyle) program and seriously taking the all-important steps in regard to changing your life.

When it comes to health and fitness, it’s way too easy to make excuses and continue to be lazy, not mindful of the big picture – your Wellness.

Those of us who have pledged to live a healthier life through regular exercise, eating a more balanced diet and making certain lifestyle changes know the investment in ourselves are paying off huge dividends. What’s that old saying, “ Nothing we don’t have to work hard for is really worth having.” A quick note for the less enlightened, once a health and fitness program becomes routine (like brushing your teeth in the morning), even though it is indeed work, it doesn’t really seem like it because the results we see and feel are our motivation and it becomes something we crave, simply because it makes us feel and yes… look so good! 

If you are like most people, chances are you’ve let yet another year pass you by, in regard to improving your health and fitness. Well folks fortunately in most cases, it’s never too late to start moving in a healthier direction before years end.

There’s really no need to continue your bad habits and say, well I’ll start first thing in the New Year. Try again, I’ve heard that one a million times! It’s that exact thinking that got you in such poor shape in the first place and it’s that exact mind set that let another year pass you by. The time is now! Start today. Why not?

If you have been committed to a health and fitness program this year you should be proud of yourself for holding yourself accountable, but now’s not the time to slack. It’s ultimately important that you push on, stay focused, continue with the same intensity and finish the year strong, charging into the New Year feeling better than you have ever felt in your whole life!

It’s also an awesome feeling to be a role model to those who have neglected their health and find themselves facing a New Year un-fit, un-healthy and un-happy. Leading by example (walking the talk) is a great feeling and will give you an awesome sense of accomplishment and confidence, and you know what? You deserve it.

Implementing a new fitness, health and lifestyle management program now or continuing the one you’ve already started will give you the motivation and mental drive to blast through the holidays and into the New Year with a healthier and happier life clearly in site.

So get fit, stay well and thrive in 2010.


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About the fitness underground

Los Angeles based Co-Founders of The Fitness Underground, Texas and Markus have drawn off their years of experience as certified personal trainers, an elite yoga instructor, a professional athlete and accomplished mixed martial artist, to create a new and innovative approach to health, fitness and well-being that not only enhances the body, but also enriches the mind. With a loyal following in the Los Angeles area, their powerful message of good health, clean living and the importance of exercise is changing people’s lives and in some cases, saving lives. It’s their strong belief that good health is the greatest gift we are given in life, one that we should always be mindful of, be incredibly grateful for and never take for granted. Life is too short not to listen to their powerful message. Start moving in a healthier direction today.
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