America is dangerously overweight, with 3.8 million people over 300 pounds and 400,000 (mostly men)
weighing over 400 pounds! In America, statistics show that the average weight of an adult female is now an unprecedented 163 pounds!

According to a recent survey, Americans are growing – around the waist, that is.

10,000 people were scanned using a hi-tech scanner. The survey covered more than 13 US cities. The results of the survey are worrying.

20% of American men are portly. 25% are so fat that they have trouble finding their waist when it has to be measured.
66% of American women are pear shaped.

Very few American men or women fit into what used to be called the ‘standard clothing size’.

(Standard clothing size for women is a size 8.)

A size 8 means the woman has a 35-27-37.5 inch body (bust-waist-hips).
Does the standard American woman today have these measurements?

The average woman aged 18-25 has a figure that consists of 38-32-41. And these are the young ones!!!

In the late thirties group the figures jump to 41-34-43.

The ‘standard’ chest size for men of 40 inches seems rather out-of-date.
The traditional average has always been (for a man) 40-34-40 (chest-waist-hips).

Not even average young men can fit into this size. The average 18-25 male statistics are now 41-35-41.

The average 36-45 white male has a 44-38-42 figure.

As you can see, these statistics are quite alarming… because along with increased weight, comes increased health problems.
Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, High Blood Pressure, increased risk of heart attack and stroke… the list goes on.

Obesity is the second leading cause of death in this country…right behind smoking. Get it? We, as a nation, need to WAKE UP!!  The basics – eat less, move more. But that’s just the start. It’s a matter of changing our mindset and our habits. Fast foods, “convenience” foods, overly processed pre-packaged foods with no nutritional value whatsoever.

Be conscious of what you are putting into your body…and be accountable for it. I don’t believe in deprivation…enjoy that piece of chocolate…but work it off. Ask yourself before you eat something –”is it really worth it?”  Do you realize that a slice of cheesecake has 1,150 calories? That’s almost an entire days worth of calories! Something to think about. Healthy choices that you can live with…that’s my motto. Nourish your body with healthy food…exercise…develop a healthy lifestyle, not only for yourself, but for your children as well.

Don’t become a statistic.


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