Healthy Joints = Quality Of Life

We have to move to LIVE.  Nothing adversely impacts quality of life quite like unhealthy joints!

At first you notice small things – your knees creak when you go up stairs, your shoulder jolts in pain as you go reach for something high in a kitchen cabinet. Given the multitude of ways we use our joints—and depend on them—in our daily life, it is in your best interest to keep them healthy. Your joints are located anywhere in your body where bones connect.  They are protected by cartilage and a lubricating fluid that allows bones to slide against each other painlessly. When  joints move properly, your muscles and ligaments function optimally and painlessly. However, when joints do not work properly a host of problems may follow.  When the cartilage becomes roughened the friction between bones can cause stiffness, swelling and pain. If the dysfunction is not addressed appropriately lasting damage can occur. 

 When do joint problems usually begin?

 Joint problems generally begin to manifest in the second and third decades.  General medical opinion indicates that by age 40 most people will have some damage to the weight bearing joints of the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Most individuals, however, are unaware of the joint damage because they are symptom-free at this point. If preventative measures are not taken to maintain healthy joints, severe joint damage may occur resulting in pain that can hamper quality of life.  Currently this damage is most evident in the population by age 70.   

 Fortunately, science is now focusing in areas other than “traditional Western medicine” and real therapeutic potential is being discovered in many herbs, chemical compounds and other substances sold as “dietary supplements”.  If you are tempted to try a joint supplement you are not alone. Whether you are interested in all things “natural”, want to avoid side effects from prescription drugs, or want to explore other areas in your quest for pain relief, you are set to join many others who have used a dietary supplement in the past six months.

How do you choose a product?

Despite their popularity – not all joint supplements are created equally.  Why? Many times it is hard to differentiate one product from the next – that is unless you have done your homework. According to Jason Theodosakis, M.D., a world renowned physician and leading expert in the fields of sports medicine and joint health, “There are important factors, such as the quality of raw materials purchased and the level of manufacturing sophistication, that create a pretty wide spectrum regarding the purity and potency of dietary supplements that support joint health.”  Because of the many components contributing to products marketed for joint health, we scrutinized the most current, comprehensive and well-respected supplement and herb information sources; interviewed top researchers at supplement companies; and reviewed and distilled the most current scientific research in order to assess joint products currently marketed. The outcome indicates that many products marketed lack the key ingredients necessary to even positively improve joint function. See our evaluation below displaying the products that we feel are your best options for maintaining healthy joint support. 

Rank Brand Joint Pain Relief Maintain Joint Cartilage & Tissue Integrity Support For Joint Mobility & Joint Function Bioavailability & Absorption in the Body Helps Joints From Incurring Further Damage Joint Pain Relief
1 Flexcerin Superior Superior Superior Excellent Yes
2 Flexoplex  Superior Excellent Excellent Excellent Yes
3 Flexarite Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Yes
4 Move Free Advanced Very Good Good Good Good Yes
5 Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength Superior Superior Excellent Excellent Yes
6 Trigosamine Excellent Excellent Excellent Very Good Yes
7 Zyflamend Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good Yes
8 Flex-A-Min Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent Yes
9 Supple Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Yes
10 Instaflex Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good Yes
11 Celadrin Superior Excellent Excellent Excellent No
12 Lyprinol Very Good Very Good Very Good Good No
13 Cosamin-DS Very Good Very Good Very Good Good No
14 Tripleflex Very Good Very Good Very Good Good No
15 Arthro 7 Very Good Very Good Good Good No
16 Elations Very Good Good Good Good No
17 Vital 3 Superior Excellent Excellent Excellent No
18 Flexanol Good Good Good Fair No
19 Joint Juice Good Fair Good Fair No
20 Omega XL Superior Good Fair Fair No

 In addition to supplementation there are some other ways to keep your joints healthy, including the following:

Manage your Weight-

You won’t just look better – you’ll feel better, too. Carrying even one extra pound and you are unnecessarily putting four times the stress on your knees and other weight bearing joints. The good news is that even a small amount of weight loss will give your knees much needed relief.


Stretching isn’t just for runners. Take breaks throughout the day to get reinvigorated. Proper range of motion exercises are a good way to keep your muscles and ligaments limber and strong.

Exercise- (weight training and cardio conditioning)

Keeping joints moving and keeping stress on the joints (weight training) will promote healthy growth and maintain healthy joint and bones.

 Use good technique-

When sitting, standing, and especially when lifting, using proper technique will prevent fatigue and most certainly minimize the risk of injury.

Remember, it is never too late to incorporate these elements into your daily regimen. They can directly improve your health, outlook or pain level, and make life with joint pain a little bit easier.


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