Basic Tips For Exercise Success & A Healthier Heart

Weight training, Swimming, Cycling, Jogging/Running, Aerobic Kickboxing, Yoga, Walking/Hiking and a host of other fitness activities / recreational sports can help your heart and greatly improve your quality of life.

Whether it is a structured exercise program (which is proven to produce greater gains) or a recreational sports activity that is part of your daily/weekly routine, all exercise adds up to a healthier heart, and well- being.

Here are few basic tips for exercise success and living a healthier and happier life:

*If you’ve been sedentary for a long time, are overweight, have a high risk of coronary heart disease or some other chronic health problem, see your doctor for a medical evaluation before beginning a physical activity program.

*Choose activities that are fun!  It’s very important to add variety into your workouts,not only for your mind but also for your body. With the help of a Fitness Professional they can help you develop a repertoire of several activities that you can enjoy.  This way, exercise will never seem boring, a chore or routine.

*Wear properly fitted footwear and comfortable, loose-fitting clothing appropriate for the weather, your workout environment and your workout activity.

*Find a convenient time and place to do workouts. It’s extremely important to make your workouts a habit, consistency is “key” but be flexible when needed. If you miss an exercise opportunity, not only adjust your diet accordingly on that day, but try to work an alternative physical activity into your day, like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, park your car further from your destination and walk, take a quick break and stretch or do some isometric exercises.

*Use music to keep you entertained but stay away from reading books, newspapers or magazines, and using your cell phone is one of the biggest fitness sins, since this will greatly decrease your intensity and results. 

*Surround yourself with supportive people. A “Personal Trainer” will be invaluable and worth their weight in gold (especially when starting a new fitness program). They can help you reach your goals faster, help keep you motivated and most importantly, teach you the proper way to exercise safely and effectively.

*Keep it fun! Share your workout /  activity time with others when possible.  Make a “fitness date” with a family member, friend,
co-worker, boy or girl friend. 

*Be an active role model for your children. When possible get them involved. Recent reports on childhood obesity are heartbreaking.

*Don’t overdo it.  Do low- to moderate-level activities, especially at first.  You can slowly increase the duration and intensity of your
activities as you become more fit.  Over time, work up to exercising a minimum of 4 times a week for at least 45-60 minutes. 

*If you aren’t fortunate to have a Personal Trainer, keep a detailed fitness journal to help chart your progress, you will find this inspirational
and help keep you motivated. Nothing motivates like success.

*Reward yourself when you reach special milestones.

*Help others in your life by sharing and spreading the gospel of healthier living and positive lifestyle changes. 

*Remember in most cases, the more time you spend exercising properly now, the less time you will spend at the doctor’s office later. 


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