TRAINER TIP: Motivation

Let’s face it, we all know we need to exercise. Many of us know how to exercise. But you’re not doing it! Why? Well the problem isn’t lack of knowledge, it’s lack of motivation. Does this sound familiar?

When working out with your trainer, it’s easy – you have us to push you & keep you going. It’s finding the motivation to exercise on the days when you’re on your own that are the challenge.

Here are 3 secrets to getting and staying motivated:
1: Make a Commitment
Here is a definition of commitment you may not have heard: a commitment is the ability to carry out a worthy decision, even when the excitement of making that decision has passed. Read that definition again, and really understand it. How many times have you been excited to start an exercise program, only to become bored or distracted by other things? As soon as the excitement passes, so do your exercise plans. Make an honest commitment.
2: Set Daily, Measurable and Realistic Goals
If your only goal is to lose 40 pounds it will be a while before you feel successful. After all, it can take a while to see such results. Rather, set daily measurable, achievable goals that allow you to feel successful every day. Keep a weekly diary and set goals each day for what kind of exercise you will do, how long you will workout, how hard you will exercise, etc.
3: Be Accountable!
About 95% of all participants in an exercise program will stop exercising. Why? No support. Research has shown that exercisers with some kind of support system have a better chance of continuing exercise. That’s where we come in – we’re here to give you the support you need and and work with you to identify barriers to keeping your commitment and develop strategies to overcome these obstacles. Most people need far more support, follow up and accountability than they think to start and maintain an exercise program. Being accountable is key.


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