TRAINER TIP: Yoga and surfing…a perfect match.

Balance, flexibilty, focus and strength… just a few of the benefits of yoga. They are also essential parts of surfing.  There’s a certain Zen like quality to surfing; you’re in a zone, your mind is free…it’s no surprise that yoga creates a similar space as you ride the waves of your breath from pose to pose. While surfing is one of those sports that can be done at any age – maintaining balance, flexibility and preventing injuries is key.
A lot of people are afraid to try yoga because of the advanced poses they have seen in books or on TV. Trust me when I tell you – The purpose of yoga is not to twist the body into bizarre pretzel shapes, but to improve the body’s natural range of motion. Yoga is not about competition with others or yourself – every body is different. It is important to listen to your body while in a pose. Just because you could do a posture yesterday, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it today. Your body will change from day-to-day. You learn to truly honor where you are in this moment. With regular practice you develop peace of mind, as well as greater focus and concentration. The physical benefits are numerous.
Yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime by any age. It doesn’t have to be done for an hour in a studio for you to reap the benefits. Even just a few minutes here and there can be extremely beneficial. Try doing a few poses as a warm up before you paddle out…then a few more when you’re done to stretch out. Wondering what to do when it’s flat or totally blown out…? Do yoga! By establishing a regular yoga practice you’ll keep your shoulders loose ( a common area of tendonitis among surfers and swimmers), strengthen your core and develop greater balance. All of which translate to better and more enjoyable surfing.

Regardless of whether you’re a grom or an old timer, yoga can keep you in the line up.


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