TRAINER TIP: Dealing With Weight Loss Plateaus

Dealing with weight loss plateaus Let me just tell you this, a weight-loss plateau is an integral part of weight loss. DON’T BE DISCOURAGED!

It’s your body’s survival mechanism. The weight-loss plateau occurs because your body thinks there is a famine and has slowed your metabolism in order to conserve calories. This will happen periodically throughout your weight-loss journey. That being said, a plateau will usually break on its own after a few weeks, but here are several ways to help get your metabolism back on track quickly!

Exercise Tips

1. Variety: Often we fall into an exercise rut – we do the same workout routinef or weeks at a time. Think of it like this: if you do 10 push-ups after not working out for months, you will be sore, but if you do 10 push-ups a day for 10 days in a row, you will no longer be sore. This is because your body adapts to your exercise program and as it adapts, the workout becomes less challenging and unfortunately, less effective. The solution is variety. You have to mix up your exercise routine in order to consistently shock your system. Here are a few different ways to mix up your workout:

*Alternate the weight. One week lift heavy, and the next week lift light.

*Change the number of repetitions. This usually goes hand in hand with the amount of weight you are lifting: one week heavy weights, low reps; the next week light weights, high reps.

*Change the exercise: Work the same muscle groups using different exercises.

2. Intensity: The best way to speed up your metabolism is to boost the intensity of your training. By picking up the intensity, you’ll burn more calories, challenge your body, and force your metabolism to burn higher because of all the energy your body needs to complete your exercise regimen.

Food Tips

1. Eat more: Most of the time plateaus are caused by your body’s survival mechanism of protecting against famine, which is triggered by calorie reduction. The best way to fix this quickly is to give your body a little more (nutrient rich) food so it feels secure. Varying your calorie intake is my best advice for keeping your body from plateauing. Don’t go below your recommended caloric intake and believe it or not, sometimes allow yourself to go a little over.

2. Reduce your sodium and DRINK LOTS OF WATER: Try to keep your sodium under 1,500 mg a day at. You can achieve this in part by cutting all processed food out of your diet.


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