Fitness Gimmicks are a Dime a Dozen…

“Get In Shape Without Setting Foot In a Gym.”  Seriously?

Fitness gimmicks & gadgets are a dime a dozen… Turn on th TV at any given time & you’re bound to see a commercial advertising something that’s going to “get you fit quick with little or no effort.”
One of the latest is a shoe (both Reebok and Skechers have their own version) promising you firmer buns abs with every step. HA!

Shape Ups and Easy Tone’s are designed with a depressed heel & rocker bottom that Reebok and Skechers claim, forces the wearer to recruit more lower body muscles as they walk. Sounds logical right?  Well what they fail to tell you is that wearing these shoes actually dulls vital sensory information your brain uses to measure gait and stabilization as you walk. In other words, these shoes intentionally place you in a precarious position, leaving you prone to injuries such as ankle sprains, knee problems, falls, etc. Doing anything but walking in these funky looking moon shoes isn’t the best idea. They are definitely not conducive to resistance training, which by the way will yield far greater results than a change in footwear.

If you wear these shoes, sure, you might feel an initial increase in lower body muscle activity. Any change in footwear will produce this reaction until your body adapts and realigns itself.

The simple truth is – there is NO quick fix. These shoes are just another fitness gimmick. The only way to get that tight booty or 6 pack abs is with proper diet and exercise. You’ve got to put in the effort to get the results.

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