Losing Weight

 I feel the need to clarify something…it has to do with the ancient expression “lose weight”.

Have you ever heard someone say this? Of course you have. “I’m trying to lose weight” is the most common reason people have for startng an exercise program and yet, it is an inaccurate statement.

“Lose weight” refers to to losing a number of any tissue, so that when you weigh yourself, the numer on the scale is than you saw previously. Therefore, in this scenario, a loss of 10lbs is seen as a good thing, even though it doesnt tell you WHAT you lost.

 To clarify, muscle, bone, water, fat?

 My point is that under NO circumstance would you want to lose muscle or bone because it is precious to the body for many things. What many people are after however, is fat loss.

 On the other side of the coin is people that should actually gain some fat and muscle because they are so skinny they may have long term health problems.

Reaching that dream mind & body is no secret…it’s lifestyle changes that work. Making smart choices when it comes to what we put into our bodies and  that we are doing daily exercise properly and effciently.

If we respect our bodies they will serve us well for years to come, if we don’t.. well that a totally different story!


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