Small changes in the types of foods you eat and in the portion sizes you choose will quickly add up. Here are smart ways to help you cut 100 calories. Follow the tips every day to lose weight and get the body you want—just in time for summer!

1- Try nonfat Greek yogurt instead of classic

2- Split a bagel with someone, or wrap up the other half for tomorrow’s breakfast

3- Flavor your coffee with cinnamon and nutmeg instead of flavored syrup

4- Swap your morning bagel for an English muffin

5- Select a portion-controlled frozen entreé in place of a burger and fries

6- Top your brownie with light whipped cream instead of ice cream

7- Make a pizza with half the cheese

8- Select soft taco size (6-8 inch) flour tortillas instead of the larger burrito size

9- Substitute fat-free sour cream in recipes

10- Choose 1% cottage cheese in place of regular

11- Opt for the small or medium drink instead of the large

12- Choose whipped yogurt over the regular kind

13- Dip your fork into your salad dressing, then pick up the lettuce leaves—not the other way around

14- Replace just 8 ounces of soft drink, fruit juice, or fruit beverage with water

15- Control your portions by pouring an individual serving of pretzels or chips into a bowl instead of eating from the bag

16- Try raw vegetables instead of tortilla chips with salsa

17- Try baked chips in place of the regular variety

18- Enjoy canned fruit packed in water or its natural juice instead of heavy syrup

19- Select minestrone or other broth-based soups over cream-based ones

20- Skip the super-size promotions

21- Order vinaigrette dressing rather than a mayonnaise-based dressing

22- Ask for croutons to be removed from your salad

23- Use hummus instead of mustard or mayo on your sandwich

24- On nachos, swap sour cream for low-fat refried beans and chunky salsa

25- Have a high-protein granola bar instead of an energy bar as a post-workout snack

26- Trim any visible fat from your steak

27- Choose chocolate sorbet over chocolate ice cream

28- Skip the tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants

29- Order grilled chicken or fish instead of pasta at your favorite Italian restaurant

30- Bake mini-muffins instead of full-size varieties


“We’re changing our client’s lives – Give us an opportunity to change your’s. Join us and start moving in a healthier direction”.

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Los Angeles based Co-Founders of The Fitness Underground, Texas and Markus have drawn off their years of experience as certified personal trainers, an elite yoga instructor, a professional athlete and accomplished mixed martial artist, to create a new and innovative approach to health, fitness and well-being that not only enhances the body, but also enriches the mind. With a loyal following in the Los Angeles area, their powerful message of good health, clean living and the importance of exercise is changing people’s lives and in some cases, saving lives. It’s their strong belief that good health is the greatest gift we are given in life, one that we should always be mindful of, be incredibly grateful for and never take for granted. Life is too short not to listen to their powerful message. Start moving in a healthier direction today.
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