Maybe I’m Getting Soft & Old

“Wallberg Left The Ring On A Stretcher And Was Taken To Hospital”


It’s funny the more I’ve removed myself from hard-core Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA, the more I’ve given a lot of serious thought about the how stupid (maybe not the correct word, but I’ll go with it) it is to take such Serious Health Risks! (and as you may know it was a huge part of my life as a competitive athlete). As a health and fitness professional I have to say taking punishing blows to the body, head, organs is not a good thing no matter how you look at it and although damage might not show up immediately, more often then not it will surface later on in life.

I know it’s “shocking” to hear me speak this way, but I’ve given it a lot of thought lately.

I think it’s a awesome workout (training) and even some light to medium full contact sparring is cool (in a safe and controlled environment) But I’m not so sure about getting into the ring (not sure how I did it now and I really have no regrets – but also consider myself fortunate to have my good health) and having someone bash your brains in..(??)

Maybe I’m just getting old and soft or maybe I’ve become more aware, educated and respectful of the human body.

“I know I’m going to take a lot of heat for this.. but opinions are like toes, Everyone’s got them!”


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