Diets Don’t Work. Lifestyle Changes Do!


I’m starting to get really tired seeing stories of this trendy wonder diets and that fad miracle diet… It’s the same thing and happens at the same time every year with New Year Resolutions etc. (which is another totally bullsh*t concept in my book – I can never understand why people think they have to wait till a new year to make positive changes in their life?) When are people going to learn that “Diets Don’t Work” and that “Lifetstyle Changes”… DO!

The simple fact that diets (especially these fad diets) aren’t sustainable makes them a total waste of your time. Spend that time educating/learning how to eat properly (and healthier) and you will see amazing and (key word) “lasting” results!

Also get moving and more active….Daily exercise is a key component, although exercise alone won’t cut it. Don’t be fooled, you can’t exercise off a bad diet…! You really need these “two powerful” components (Diet & Exercise) working together!

So no matter what time of year it is, how old you are, how over-weight or out of shape you are.. Simply COMMIT and change your life. Commit to a truly healthy diet (educate yourself). Commit to daily exercise. Commit to a healthier, happier and more active you.

Trust me the rewards and benefits of living a healthier lifestyle will be great and well worth your efforts…. Make living a healthier lifestyle as routine as brushing your teeth every morning. Live it, work for it….don’t just wish for it.

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Los Angeles based Co-Founders of The Fitness Underground, Texas and Markus have drawn off their years of experience as certified personal trainers, an elite yoga instructor, a professional athlete and accomplished mixed martial artist, to create a new and innovative approach to health, fitness and well-being that not only enhances the body, but also enriches the mind. With a loyal following in the Los Angeles area, their powerful message of good health, clean living and the importance of exercise is changing people’s lives and in some cases, saving lives. It’s their strong belief that good health is the greatest gift we are given in life, one that we should always be mindful of, be incredibly grateful for and never take for granted. Life is too short not to listen to their powerful message. Start moving in a healthier direction today.
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