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Skin Infections Can Spread Like Wildfire at the Gym – NY Times

After reading this recent story in the New York Times (Skin Infections Can Spread Like Wildfire at the Gym), I thought this informative article would be something good to repost. It’s  really no secret that public gyms are breeding grounds for all … Continue reading

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Rise above the Limitations

If you were someone else, what advice would you give yourself? If you could step back from being you, and look objectively at what you’re doing and how you’re living, what changes would you recommend? It’s easy to imagine the … Continue reading

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Positive Possibilities

Instead of placing judgments on where you find yourself, consider the positive possibilities. Instead of extending assumptions out from your limitations, imagine your most treasured dreams extending out from your current situation. If you feel stuck where you are, you’re … Continue reading

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Stretching: The Fountain of Youth

Stretching is an important, yet often neglected part of any exercise program. Not only does stretching increase flexibility, it also improves range of motion of your joints and can help prevent injury. Stretching even improves circulation and helps relieve stress. … Continue reading

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Conscious Living: One Step At A Time

Mindfulness is something that most all of us here on Earth have the opportunity to work on. This is why so many spiritual teachers emerge to teach us different aspects of mindful living. To be mindful is to be aware, … Continue reading

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